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Here's how FedEx will fly giant panda Bei Bei to China via its 'Panda Express'

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 09:08

Here's how FedEx will fly giant panda Bei Bei to China via its 'Panda Express'A FedEx plane will soon take a 15-plus hour flight from the U.S. to China. Its cargo: one giant panda, supplies and plenty of snacks.

Jodie Chesney's killer jailed for life as judge laments criminals 'carving up areas' of London

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 09:07

Jodie Chesney's killer jailed for life as judge laments criminals 'carving up areas' of LondonTwo drug dealing teenagers have been jailed for life for the "callous and casual" murder of girl scout Jodie Chesney, who was stabbed to death in an east London park. County lines dealer Svenson Ong-a-Kwie, 19, and his 17-year-old apprentice, Arron Isaacs had been looking to take revenge on rivals when they killed Jodie by mistake, the Old Bailey heard. The popular 17-year-old student had been relaxing with friends in Amy's Park in Harold Hill, east London, on the evening of March 1 when two shadowy figures emerged from the dark and one knifed her in the back. She screamed and collapsed in the arms of her boyfriend, Eddie Coyle, 18, as her attackers made off in a fellow drug dealer's car. Days later, they were arrested together as they fled from the rear of a house connected with the youth. The defendants denied Jodie's murder, each blaming the other for inflicting the fatal wound. But prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC told jurors that both were responsible for the killing, amid incidents of "casual violence" in the drug-dealing world. The jury deliberated for less than six hours to find them guilty last week of Jodie's murder. Jodie Chesney Judge Wendy Joseph QC handed Ong-a-Kwie a life sentence with a minimum of 26 years. She sentenced Isaacs to be detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure for at least 18 years. She said that Jodie's death led to a "world of anguish" for her family, which came amid "tit for tat" incidents. Jodie was the victim of "callous, casual and irresponsible violence" which had shocked the community "to the core", she said. On the evidence, she found Ong-a-Kwie was the stabber and the 17-year-old his "enthusiastic supporter". Isaacs was initially shielded by anonymity, but now he can be named after the judge lifted reporting restrictions. In doing so, she said: "What is important is that a blameless girl is dead at the hands of those engaged in and those that associate with drug dealing on the streets which Jodie and other blameless young people must live. "This death has brought great unease in the community. Those suffering, which spreads much further than Jodie's friends and family, need and have a right to known and understand how this has come about." The judge lamented the impact of criminals that had "carved up areas of the capital of this country". She added: "The dangers this brings to decent law-abiding members of the public is graphically spelled out in this case." The court heard moving tributes to Jodie and the "ripple effect" her murder had among friends, family and the wider community. Mr Coyle has been left with post-traumatic stress from witnessing her murder. Svenson Ong-a-Kwie was a county lines drug dealer Credit: PA He said: "Jodie was funny, silly, she always made fun of me and she had a bright future ahead of her. She was full of energy and was always out doing something. We had been going out for three months. "I've never lost anyone before and for the first funeral I've gone to to be my own girlfriend's is incredibly hard. I loved her." Jodie's father, Peter Chesney, who gave up a job in the City, said: "I have lost the most precious human being I will ever know. I have no idea how I'm going to continue my life or come to terms with the loss." Her sister, Lucy, said: "Jodie will be greatly missed and the people who caused such tragedy to a whole family should hang their head in shame. You have ripped away a bright future that was destined to make a change to many lives." The court heard that Ong-a-Kwie had convictions for possessing and supplying drugs. He admitted being in breach of a six-week suspended sentence for handling stolen jewellery dating back to October last year. Isaacs had previous convictions for possessing a screwdriver, actual bodily harm, possession of cannabis as well as aggravated vehicle-taking.

Houston, we have a solution: How the city curbed homelessness

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:55

 How the city curbed homelessnessHouston has emerged as a national leader in tackling homelessness. Linking permanent housing to support services has helped.

Vatican: top anti-money laundering official leaves post

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:44

 top anti-money laundering official leaves postThe Vatican's top financial investigator charged with investigating money laundering and other such crimes has left his post after the non-renewal of his contract, the Holy See said on Monday. Rene Bruelhart, a Swiss lawyer, had worked for the Vatican's financial watchdog, the Financial Information Authority (FIA), since 2012. "Thanking him for his service in recent years (the Holy Father) has appointed his successor," the Vatican said in a statement, saying that Bruelhart's mandate had expired.

Pennsylvania agrees to upgrade inmates’ death row conditions

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:33

Pennsylvania agrees to upgrade inmates’ death row conditionsPennsylvania’s prison agency agreed to improve death row conditions under a settlement announced Monday of a federal lawsuit that called the inmates’ living standards degrading and inhumane. Lawyers for the inmates who sued said the agreement provides people on death row with at least 42½ hours a week out of their cell, daily access to phones and contact visits with their families, lawyers and religious advisers. Death row inmates who have been psychologically damaged by long periods in solitary confinement will be evaluated and offered help adapting to a general population setting.

Riot police use water cannons to disperse Georgia protesters

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:29

Riot police use water cannons to disperse Georgia protestersRiot police in Georgia used water cannons on Monday to disperse anti-government protesters who have taken to the streets after the ruling party backtracked on promised electoral reforms. Hundreds of riot police in body armour and helmets sprayed water to break up a crowd of several hundred protesters outside the parliament building in the capital Tbilisi. Police also cleared protesters away from the city's main thoroughfare, Rustaveli Avenue, where they have blocked traffic since the last week.

2 dead as French bridge collapse sends vehicles into river

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:27

2 dead as French bridge collapse sends vehicles into riverA 15-year-old girl and a truck driver died Monday when a road bridge collapsed in rural southwest France, dumping several vehicles into a river and prompting nationwide questions about bridge safety. Bystanders were able to rescue the girl’s mother after her car fell into the Tarn River near the village of Mirepoix-sur-Tarn, regional prosecutor Dominique Alzeari told reporters. Several hours later, Mirepoix-sur-Tarn Mayor Eric Oget said on BFM television that a truck driver whose vehicle fell into the river was also found dead, and rescuers were working to extract his body.

Spanish court says wanted Venezuelan spy still missing

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:15

Spanish court says wanted Venezuelan spy still missingA Spanish National Court official confirmed Monday that a former Venezuelan spymaster accused of attempting to "flood" the United States with drugs remains missing since an order for his arrest pending extradition was issued this month. The official said the order for Maj. Gen. Hugo Carvajal’s arrest in Madrid was issued Nov. 8, after the court reversed an earlier ruling that rejected the U.S. extradition request for allegedly being politically motivated. Carvajal was for over a decade the eyes and ears in the military of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

White House attempts to quell rumors about Trump’s health

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:04

White House attempts to quell rumors about Trump’s healthThe White House has attempted to quell rumors about Donald Trump’s health after an unscheduled visit to a doctor over the weekend. Trump has claimed his visit to the Walter Reed medical center on Saturday was “phase one” of his yearly physical, despite him having no public events on his schedule for that day and his last physical being only nine months ago.

Airbus beats Boeing with two mega deals at Dubai air show

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 08:02

Airbus beats Boeing with two mega deals at Dubai air showAirbus signed two mammoth orders for its A320 and A350 aircraft worth $30 billion at Dubai's air show Monday, with Boeing managing only a $1.2 billion sale of its troubled 737 MAX. Boeing's deal with Turkish carrier SunExpress was for a modest 10 planes but it represented "the first firm order" for the 737 MAX since it was grounded in March, a source at the airline told AFP. Analysts said it gave some welcome support for Boeing after the future of the model was put in doubt with two crashes that left a total of 346 people dead.

Nearly 80,000 DACA Recipients Have Prior Arrest Records, according to Government Data

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:47

Nearly 80,000 DACA Recipients Have Prior Arrest Records, according to Government DataThousands of participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program had prior arrest records, according to statistics released by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Saturday.The DACA program, implemented in 2012 by the Obama administration via executive action, allowed illegal immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children to request a two-year deportation deferment. In 2017, The Trump administration moved to end the program, which has since ceased accepting new applicants but has been kept alive through various legal challenges.The report by USCIS shows that 79,398 approved DACA recipients, or about ten percent of total DACA recipients, had been arrested since arriving in the U.S. Several thousands of those arrested had committed theft, DUI, assault, battery, or more serious violent and/or sexual offenses.However, USCIS also noted in a statement that the number of arrests does not necessarily disqualify DACA applicants. Those with arrest records may not have been convicted, and charges may have been dropped against suspects."As DACA continues to be the subject of both public discourse and ongoing litigation, USCIS remains committed to ensuring transparency and that the American people are informed about those receiving DACA," commented USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli.On November 12, the Supreme Court heard arguments for and against termination of DACA. The conservative majority of justices seemed inclined to endorse the Trump administration's claim that maintaining the unconstitutional program exceeds the scope of presidential authority, although it is not yet clear when the court will rule on the matter.President Trump implied on Twitter the same day that many DACA recipients had criminal backgrounds."Many of the people in DACA, no longer very young, are far from ‘angels.’ Some are very tough, hardened criminals," Trump wrote. However, the President also said he would be open to a "deal" with Democrats to allow DACA recipients to stay in the U.S.

In one of Mexico’s most dangerous places for women, his students push back

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:46

In one of Mexico’s most dangerous places for women, his students push backEcatepec, Mexico, is a hot spot for violence against women. Manuel Amador is helping students push back against the idea that’s the way it has to be.

Iran exceeds heavy water limit in latest nuclear deal breach: IAEA

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:43

 IAEAIran has breached another limit in its nuclear deal with major powers by accumulating slightly more than 130 tonnes of heavy water, a substance used in a type of reactor it is developing, a U.N. nuclear watchdog report showed on Monday. The restriction is the latest Iran has exceeded in protest at the United States for withdrawing from the deal last year and imposing punishing economic sanctions on Tehran. Washington says its "maximum pressure" will force Iran to negotiate a broader deal that will also include its role in Middle Eastern conflicts.

‘Give me the guinea pigs!’: Pet shop owner says stolen animal thrown at him after chasing thieves

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:35

 Pet shop owner says stolen animal thrown at him after chasing thievesTwo women attempted to steal guinea pigs from a pet store in Kentucky, before throwing one of the animals at the shop owner, he has alleged.US news outlets report that 21-year-old Isabelle Mason and 19-year-old Jaimee Pack tried to smuggle out the animals from a Pet Paradise store in Danville on Saturday without paying.

Majority of Americans support ousting Trump from office, new poll shows

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:26

Majority of Americans support ousting Trump from office, new poll showsSeventy percent of Americans said President Donald Trump was wrong to pressure Ukraine’s leader to pursue probes into his political opponents, according to a new survey, and more than half of respondents indicated he should be removed from office. An ABC News/Ipsos poll published Monday found that 51 percent of those surveyed believed Trump should be impeached by House lawmakers, as well as convicted by the Senate. A quarter of respondents, 25 percent, said Trump did nothing wrong.

Christine Blasey Ford makes rare public remarks, a year after Kavanaugh ordeal

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:25

Christine Blasey Ford makes rare public remarks, a year after Kavanaugh ordealProfessor who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault says ‘I did not feel courageous. I was simply doing my duty as a citizen’Dr Christine Blasey Ford accepting an award from the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California in Beverly Hills on Sunday night. Photograph: Alberto E Rodríguez/Getty ImagesChristine Blasey Ford, who accused supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, made a rare public appearance on Sunday night.“When I came forward last September,” she said, accepting an award from the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California in Beverly Hills, “I did not feel courageous. I was simply doing my duty as a citizen.”embed“I understood that not everyone would welcome my information, and I was prepared for a variety of outcomes, including being dismissed.”Blasey Ford, a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University in California, came forward in September 2018, as Kavanaugh’s nomination was before the Senate.In testimony before the Senate judiciary committee, she alleged that he assaulted her at a party in suburban Maryland in 1982, pinning her down, groping her, trying to remove her clothing and putting his hand over her mouth when she screamed.Kavanaugh angrily denied the allegation – and similar claims against him – and was confirmed as Donald Trump’s second supreme court pick.His ascent, after that of Neil Gorsuch, tipped the ideological balance of the highest court in favour of conservative justices.Kavanaugh also appeared in public last week, addressing an event on Friday in Washington and staged by the Federalist Society, the rightwing group which has played an influential role in Trump’s supreme court picks.“I signed up for what I knew would be an ugly process,” he said. But he said he had expected his confirmation to be “maybe not that ugly”.Kavanaugh was confirmed by just two votes, the narrowest margin for a supreme court justice since 1881.His appearance at Union Station in Washington was greeted by protests, including women dressed up as characters from The Handmaid’s Tale television series.Last year, lawyers for Ford said her life had been “turned upside down” and she had effectively gone into hiding, such was the vitriol directed her way after her testimony in the Senate.Ford “received a stunning amount of support from her community and from fellow citizens across our country”, the lawyers said in a letter to Senate judiciary committee chairman, Chuck Grassley.“At the same time, however, her worst fears have materialized. She has been the target of vicious harassment and even death threats. As a result of these kind of threats, her family was forced to relocate out of their home. Her email has been hacked, and she has been impersonated online.”At the Beverly Hills event on Sunday, Blasey Ford accepted the Roger Baldwin Courage Award, named for the founder of the ACLU. When coming forward, she said, she had “simply thought that it was my duty as a citizen and that anyone in my position would do the same thing”.

China Defends Crackdown on Muslim Minorities after Document Leak Reveals Human Rights Abuses

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:24

China Defends Crackdown on Muslim Minorities after Document Leak Reveals Human Rights AbusesChina defended on Monday its crackdown on Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang region after a document leak to the New York Times revealed the details of Beijing's concerted repression efforts.On Friday the Times published papers leaked from within China's Communist party that detailed directives to party officials on how to handle the detention of Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslims as part of what China asserts is a campaign against Islamic extremism. Chinese president Xi Jinping was quoted as saying the government should show "absolutely no mercy" in its crackdown."It is precisely because of a series of preventive counterterrorism and de-extremism measures taken in a timely manner that Xinjiang, which had been deeply plagued by terrorism, has not had a violent terrorist incident for three years," foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters on Monday.China has detained roughly one million Muslims in Xinjiang, housing them in so-called reeducation camps meant to reduce prisoners' identification with Islam and foster obedience toward the Communist party, according to international human rights groups. According to former inmates, Chinese government and military personnel regularly torture and rape prisoners. One report indicated China is pairing ethnic Han men to women whose husbands have been detained.The Communist party-owned newspaper The Global Times reported that Uighur families with members who escaped China were actually happy with their lives. "They are ashamed of the scum among their families," the report said.In October, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced sanctions on Chinese officials believed to participate in the repression of Uighurs and other minorites."China must end its draconian surveillance and repression, release all those arbitrarily detained, and cease its coercion of Chinese Muslims abroad," Pompeo wrote on Twitter at the time.

4 Killed, 6 Injured in ‘Targeted' Shooting at Backyard Party in California. Here’s What to Know

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:14

4 Killed, 6 Injured in ‘Targeted' Shooting at Backyard Party in California. Here’s What to KnowThe group was gathered to watch a football game

Warren Rolls Out Tenants’ Rights Proposals: Campaign Update

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 07:00

 Campaign Update(Bloomberg) -- Elizabeth Warren unveiled proposals Monday aimed at strengthening tenants’ rights and depressing rents, promising that her administration would withhold federal funding from landlords who violated the new standards.The 2020 Democratic presidential contender said she’d create a federal Tenant Protection Bureau, modeled after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a key component of the 2010 Wall Street overhaul legislation that she advocated.Warren said her administration would provide a nationwide right-to-counsel and establish a federal grant program aimed at benefiting low-income tenants facing eviction.“Tenants that organize to take on bad landlords are up against a massive power imbalance,” Warren wrote in a Medium post Monday. “I’ll fight to put power back where it belongs: with tenants, not big corporate landlords.”Warren promised to withhold federal funding from corporate landlords with a history of “harassing” or red-lining tenants and to direct the Federal Housing Administration to deny all financial support to landlords that violate tenants’ rights. Corporate landlords would be required to publicly disclose data like median rent, the number of tenants they’ve evicted and building code violations, as well as the names of any individuals with an ownership interest of 25% or more.Buttigieg Wants Public College Free for Some (6 a.m.)Pete Buttigieg called for spending $120 billion on the Pell Grant program and making public colleges tuition-free for students eligible for those federal grants as part of his proposal released Monday to improve college affordability.Unlike some of his primary opponents, Buttigieg isn’t calling for public colleges to be tuition-free for all students, or for total student-debt cancellation. He’s said families that make over a certain income threshold should pay at least some of the cost of their kids’ higher education. The plan released Monday focuses on helping lower- and middle-income families.The proposal also calls for a $2 billion pilot program to expand the free and reduced-price lunch program to provide food vouchers to students in community college, and for automatically enrolling students who take out loans for college in affordable, income-driven repayment plans. Buttigieg also said he’d support legislation that would allow student-athletes to get paid for the use of their likeness, saying he supports California’s new Fair Pay to Play Act. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor also proposed extending Pell Grants to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival recipients, and increasing funding for historically black colleges and universities and other minority-serving institutions by $50 billion. The Buttigieg campaign said details about how the plan would be funded would come at a later date. -- Tyler PagerCOMING UPTen candidates have qualified for the fifth Democratic debate, on Wednesday in Atlanta: Joe Biden, Warren, Bernie Sanders, Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Cory Booker and Tom Steyer.\--With assistance from Tyler Pager.To contact the reporter on this story: Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou in Washington at megkolfopoul@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Wendy Benjaminson at wbenjaminson@bloomberg.net, Kathleen Hunter, Elizabeth WassermanFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Sondland Informed Top White House Officials of Biden Investigation Effort ahead of July Ukraine Call

Yahoo News - Mon, 11/18/2019 - 06:55

Sondland Informed Top White House Officials of Biden Investigation Effort ahead of July Ukraine CallU.S. ambassador Gordon Sondland kept senior White House officials apprised of his efforts to prompt an investigation into Joe Biden ahead of the July 25 phone conversation between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.During that phone call, Trump urged Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to look into corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and asked for a probe into allegations of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. Democrats have launched an impeachment inquiry into the president's actions due to suspicions that he withheld military aid from Ukraine to pressure the country to conduct politically beneficial investigations.Emails reviewed by the Journal showed Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland keeping senior officials, including White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, in the loop regarding the desired investigations into the Bidens and election interference several weeks before the July 25 phone call.Sondland is set to publicly testify in the impeachment inquiry this week. In revised testimony from closed-door hearings, Sondland said he had told a top Zelensky adviser that a meeting between Zelensky and Trump would be contingent on the announcement of an investigation into the Bidens and 2016 election interference.Ukrainian foreign minister Vadym Prystaiko has denied that he perceived a link between military aid and the requested investigations but did not mention whether a White House visit hung in the balance."Ambassador Sondland did not tell us, and did not tell me exactly, about the relation between the [military] assistance and the investigations," Prystaiko told reporters on Thursday. "I do not recall any conversation with me as with foreign minister. It was not we, the Ukrainian officials [who were told this]."


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