HTTP/2 is Here!

It hasn’t changed much since the very birth of the Internet but the biggest change is now here.  HTTP/2 is a revolutionary new protocol redesign that can speed up web page delivery by up to 30% and offer greatly enhanced security.  WebGuy Internet, Inc. is proud to be one of the first hosting providers in Utah offering HTTP/2 hosting and technical consulting on the subject.

HTTP/2 changes how a webpage is sent from the webserver to the browser by securing the connection, encoding the data in a single long binary stream.  This makes the data faster, smaller and more secure. Special webservers are needed to attain this new technology and we have invested in it because we see it as the future of Internet delivery.  In fact Google, Yahoo, Twitter and even Facebook see it as the future in Internet delivery as their homepages are all HTTP/2 enabled as well as ours at

We have been doing early testing in the serving of HTTP/2 for Standard PHP pages, Drupal 7.0 CMS and Wordpress 4.3 CMS.  We are ecstatic to report that all systems are showing a minimum of 20 – 40% speed increase in delivery.  Contact us today to talk about getting your site hosted on our new HTTP/2 servers.

Further Resources

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