2-Way SMS Messaging is Easy with our Business Email

WebGuy Internet is now providing an SMS gateway service in our Icewarp Business Email Server solution.  An SMS service is a “gateway” between your email and an external SMS/text message provider.  It allows you to send SMS messages from your webmail account to a third-party SMS provider and will also receive replies back from that provider and send them back to your email address.  This prevents you from having to use a personal cell phone to send SMS messages to your customers.  You can send a single message to one user or thousands of messages to an entire list.  We can support many different gateway providers in the US.

Their pricing varies depending on features and product but the basic “long-number” message costs $6.95/month plus our SMS gateway fee of $2/month.  The rate increases after 500 messages per month, please see their site for details.  They also offer “vanity” short number accounts for an additional fee. (we do not charge extra)

To see a demo of how easy the service is to use, please let us know and we can show you a live demo of that service and how it works.