Network Design/Maintain

WebGuy Internet, Inc. will maintain and implement a computer network solution that enables your business to communicate, collaborate and share information efficiently by connecting workstations, printers and servers to those who need access while securing your data and systems. We will do our best to insure access to data on a reliable, secure system that is not exposed to costly outages, and can run demanding applications when network usage is at its peak.  Whether building a network for the first time or upgrading an existing system, we will take your current and future needs and leverage your existing technology to design a network architecture that serves your business.  We have extensive experience in:

  • Active Directory / Domains
  • UNIX and Apple Integration
  • Windows Group Policies and Administrative Configurations
  • Email / Calendar / Application / Virtual Servers
  • and a whole lot more... we dare you to stump us!

We also offer full on-line backup services through our backup division of the company called For Safety Sake.