Ending Support of XP and Office 2003

WebGuy Internet, as well as Microsoft, will be ending support of Microsoft Windows XP and Office 2003 products.  This means that both WebGuy Internet and Microsoft will no longer be offering technical assistance or updates for these products.  We will not install this software (even if you have a valid license key) on computer systems and will require you to get a newer product for us to install.  We also want to remind you that if you handle ANY credit card processing or storage on your network, the entire attached network must be free of Windows XP as of April 8th or it is in conflict with PCI regulations as your systems will no longer be receiving security updates.

WebGuy Internet, Inc. does provide consulting and hardware services to upgrade your network and infrastructure to accommodate this change.  Contact us for more information about this service.

For more Information, visit the Microsoft END of Life Support Page.