Heartbleed Security Fix

[Heartbleed Logo]All of WebGuy Internet’s servers are SECURE from the recent Heartbleed SSL cyber attack.  It is our priority to stay on top of recent security threats and fix then as soon as possible.  We are also working closely with our current customers and vendors to ensure their security as well.

On-Line Form Software Upgraded

WebGuy Internet has updated their customer On-Line Form server software to Machform 3.2.  This new version allows us to offer a whole host of new features including:

  • Form Themes Customized to your website
  • PayPal Integration for accepting quick on-line payments
  • Multi-Page Form
  • Advanced CSS File Uploads
  • Save and Resume Later Option

WebGuy Internet Creates a New Backup Division

For Safety Sake is a new division created by WebGuy Internet to offer on-line backup services to it's customers and eventually the general public.  This new service has a website located at www.forsafetysake.us a


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