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Modi’s Kashmir Move Faces UN Test After Top Court Skips Pleas

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 04:20

Modi’s Kashmir Move Faces UN Test After Top Court Skips Pleas(Bloomberg) -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to scrap autonomy for Kashmir after imposing an unprecedented lockdown across the region will be tested Friday at the United Nations Security Council after India’s top court deferred a case calling on the government to lift restrictions that have been in place for the past 12 days.A Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi adjourned a petition challenging the information blackout. Another plea questioning the government’s move to scrap the constitutional provision, as it was taken without the consent of the state’s legislature, was also postponed on grounds of being badly drafted. Both will be taken up at a later date, the court said without giving any details.The United Nations Security Council is expected to hold a closed-door meeting after China backed Pakistan’s call to for the international body to discuss India’s decision on the disputed Muslim-majority state. The last time the full Security Council met to discuss the Himalayan region was in 1965.The developments are the first concrete steps questioning Modi’s decision to convert Jammu and Kashmir into two federally administered regions, separating Buddhist-majority Ladakh along its China border. The surprise move gives Modi’s administration control of the local police and allows Indians outside Kashmir to buy land. On its part, New Delhi said it would usher in prosperity for the region where as many as 42,000 people including civilians, army, police and militants have died in violence in the last three decades.Restrictions on movement of people and communications will be gradually eased in the next few days, B. V. R. Subrahmanyam, the chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, said at a press conference Friday in Srinigar. Telephone lines will start functioning in phases starting Friday night, Subrahmanyam said.Ceasefire ViolationModi’s Kashmir decision may have fulfilled a campaign promise made to his Hindu support base, which opposed special treatment for the region but has led to an escalation of tensions with rival and neighbor Pakistan. The state has been the main flashpoint between nuclear armed neighbors, who have fought three wars since the British left the subcontinent in 1947.Pakistan on Aug. 15 accused India of killing its soldiers in what it called “unprovoked ceasefire violations.” India denied Pakistan’s claim of killing of three soldiers. A spokesman of Indian Army said it’s “fictitious.”India has called the Kashmir decision an internal matter with no bearings on its international borders with Pakistan and China, however Beijing was quick to criticize the move. It issued a strongly-worded statement last week questioning the impact on the mainly Buddhist region of Ladakh -- an area of strategic importance nestled between Tibet and Pakistan.Still, with Beijing’s main focus on its relationship with the U.S. and the trade war, it’s not clear how much effort it will devote to pushing the Kashmir issue at the United Nations Security Council, said C. Uday Bhaskar, director at the Society for Policy Studies in New Delhi.“There is a low probability that China is going invest all its diplomatic energy to support Pakistan to India’s discomfiture,” Bhaskar said on Friday.The Indian government will reopen Jammu and Kashmir secretariat and other government offices from Friday while easing other restrictions would depend on developments after the Friday prayers, the Press Trust of India reported.(Updates with comment from chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir in fifth paragraph)\--With assistance from N. C. Bipindra and Khalid Qayum.To contact the reporters on this story: Archana Chaudhary in New Delhi at achaudhary2@bloomberg.net;Bibhudatta Pradhan in New Delhi at bpradhan@bloomberg.net;Upmanyu Trivedi in New Delhi at utrivedi2@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Ruth Pollard at rpollard2@bloomberg.net, Unni KrishnanFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Police break up fight between passengers on Delta flight after 6-hour delay at JFK Airport

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 04:16

Police break up fight between passengers on Delta flight after 6-hour delay at JFK AirportA fight broke out during that time, prompting one crew member to come over the intercom to announce the situation was not safe for passengers or the crew.

Greyhound riders are being asked for immigration papers at South Florida bus terminals

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 04:00

Greyhound riders are being asked for immigration papers at South Florida bus terminalsFederal immigration agents are beefing up their efforts to apprehend undocumented immigrants in South Florida as part of a nationwide effort to “keep communities safe.”

Portland leaders warn Antifa and far-right groups ahead of weekend protests

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 03:36

Portland leaders warn Antifa and far-right groups ahead of weekend protestsFBI gears up to assist in clashes; Leadership Institute regional field coordinator Gabriel Nadales weighs in.

India Hints It May Be Reconsidering Its Doctrine on Nuclear Weapons

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 03:27

India Hints It May Be Reconsidering Its Doctrine on Nuclear Weapons(Bloomberg) -- India today hinted that it may be rethinking its doctrine of “No First Use” for nuclear weapons.Defense minister Rajnath Singh tweeted to say the South Asian nation remains “firmly committed” and “has strictly adhered to” the doctrine but “what happens in the future depends on the circumstances.”India is engaged in ongoing tensions with nuclear rival Pakistan over its decision to revoke autonomy of Kashmir region, to which both countries stake a claim. Singh tweeted after visiting India’s nuclear weapons testing site at Pokharan.Since a series of nuclear tests in 1998, India declared a “no-first-use” policy under which it won’t be the first to use nuclear weapons in a conflict with its neighbors, but will retaliate should deterrence fail. Unlike Pakistan, India’s other neighbor and rival China also has a declared no-first-use policy on nuclear weapons.The defense ministry spokesman A. Bharat Bhushan Babu didn’t answer calls.“The minister is pretty clear in what he’s said,” foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar said. “At the moment there is no change in our policy.”\--With assistance from N. C. Bipindra.To contact the reporter on this story: Archana Chaudhary in New Delhi at achaudhary2@bloomberg.netTo contact the editor responsible for this story: Ruth Pollard at rpollard2@bloomberg.netFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Nigerian cleric leaves India after medical care row: supporters

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 03:16

 supportersA Nigerian Shiite leader -- granted permission to travel to India for medical care after years in detention -- was flying back to Nigeria Friday following a row over his treatment, supporters and family said. Ibrahim Zakzaky, founder of the pro-Iranian Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), and his wife Zeenah Ibrahim jetted out of New Delhi on Ethiopian Airlines, supporters said. "They did fly with Ethiopian Airlines," daughter Suhailah Zakzaky told AFP.

House Intel Committee could bolster Dem case for impeaching Trump

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 03:09

House Intel Committee could bolster Dem case for impeaching TrumpDemocrats are using the House Intelligence Committee in an unprecedented way as they consider whether to remove the president.

NRA struggling to counter gun control push

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 03:04

NRA struggling to counter gun control push‘The staff feels like there is no plan,’ said one person familiar with the NRA’s outreach.

North Korea 'fires missiles off coast' and says talks with 'impudent' South are over

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 02:59

North Korea 'fires missiles off coast' and says talks with 'impudent' South are overNorth Korea issued a stinging snub to Seoul on Friday, vowing that peace talks were over as it launched its sixth missile test in a month. Pyongyang fired at least two short-range ballistic missiles at 8am, in a now familiar display of frustration at the lack of progress with the US over its nuclear weapons programme and the failure to lift harsh economic sanctions. But it also stepped up its angry rhetoric against South Korea for its participation in joint military drills this month with the US, slamming Moon Jae-in, the South Korean president, as “impudent.” The warning that inter-Korean talks are over will come as a blow to Mr Moon, who has devoted his presidency to pursuing peace with the North and appeared to have developed a warm rapport with Kim Jong-un, the North’s leader, meeting him on several occasions since April 2018. “We have nothing to talk any more with the South Korean authorities nor have any idea to sit with them again,” Pyongyang said in a statement issued by its ruling party. The rebuke included an unusually personal attack on Mr Moon for buying two advanced F-35A stealth fighter jets and US drone technology. “He often calls for peace. Then is he going to make an excuse that the drones and fighters being purchased from the US are just for spreading agrochemicals and for circus fights?” said the statement. It suggested the South Korean leader was terrified of the North’s military might. “He used to get shocked into fright even at the sound of a sporting gun in the north,” said the statement’s official English version, although Jeongmin Kim, a journalist with NK News, revealed the original Korean as “He c**ps himself even when there’s just a sporting gun shot from the North.” The colourful put-down came just one day after Mr Moon had used his speech to mark the 74th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japan’s 1910-1945 rule to call for the rekindling of peace talks with Pyongyang. Mr Moon vowed to realise unification between North and South by 2045 and to host a joint Seoul-Pyongyang Olympics in 2032. On Friday, Seoul’s unification ministry expressed “deep regret” over North Korea’s verbal attack on Mr Moon and urged it to maintain a spirit of mutual respect. South Korea’s presidential office also called on North Korea to halt the launches of projectiles, expressing concern that the tests could escalate military tensions on the peninsula, reported Yonhap. Friday’s two short-range missiles involved ballistic technology and flew around 142 miles to an altitude of 18 miles. They were believed to be similar to missiles fired in previous weeks. The latest launch comes during a diplomatic stalemate between the US and North Korea over how to deal with Pyongyang’s nuclear and long-range missiles programme. Washington has repeatedly expressed hope it can revive talks in the near future.

Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing weighs in on crisis with poetic adverts

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 02:50

Hong Kong's Li Ka-shing weighs in on crisis with poetic advertsHong Kong's wealthiest man Li Ka-shing took out a series of enigmatic newspaper adverts on Friday calling for an end to the political violence plaguing the financial hub. The 91-year-old billionaire's adverts -- published in seven newspapers including two staunchly pro-Beijing publications -- used poetry and layered language to deliver a nuanced message promoting peace.

Ai Weiwei fears 'Tiananmen' crackdown in Hong Kong

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 02:47

Ai Weiwei fears 'Tiananmen' crackdown in Hong KongWatching the Hong Kong protests from afar, Chinese dissident-artist Ai Weiwei fears the worst, warning of a repeat of the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown in Beijing. China "is a society which sacrifices anything to maintain its control," he warned. Ai's bleak warning comes after two months of protests that have turned increasingly violent, and as Beijing has massed security forces nearby on the mainland in a show of force.

Trump says people have 'no choice' but to vote for him to save stock market

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 02:20

Trump says people have 'no choice' but to vote for him to save stock marketDonald Trump said even Americans who hate him “have no choice” but to vote for him in the next US election because otherwise the stock market will collapse.He doubled down on his economic argument for re-election on Thursday night amid increasing concerns about a recession. Markets are already wobbling over the escalating trade and currency war with China. Mr Trump flew to a battleground state to defend policies that are rattling businesses and investors and to insist he will continue the country’s decade-long economic expansion into a second term.“You have the best unemployment, you have the most successful state in the history of your state and the history of our country,” the US president told a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. “And then you’re going to vote for somebody else? Oh great. ‘Let’s vote for Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren. We have the best numbers we’ve ever had — let’s vote for somebody else.’ ”Even as he derided Democratic presidential candidate Ms Warren with a racial slur, Mr Trump acknowledged the deep antipathy many voters have for him and argued they should put this aside for their own economic well-being.“You have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k), everything is going to be down the tubes,” he told the crowd. “Whether you love me or hate me, you’ve got to vote for me.”In resting his case for a second term on the health of the economy, Mr Trump underscored the political consequences of the economic turmoil that has played out in recent days.In private, he has expressed his own anxiety about the economy taking a dive, knowing that his electoral fortunes are likely tied to it, even as he vents frustration that his opponents are exaggerating the troubles. American stock markets fell about 3 per cent on Wednesday amid indications that the global economy could slow before shares rebounded slightly on Thursday.Mr Trump lashed out at those questioning his confrontation with China, including the conservative editorial page of The Wall Street Journal.The WSJ‘s editorials “demonstrate that they understand nothing about trade or business,” he said. “Nothing. They advocate only economic surrender. They actually say go to China, take off the tariffs, make a deal. I lose all the cards, we take off the tariffs. We don’t have any cards.”Polls show economic stewardship is perhaps Mr Trump’s biggest political asset.He boasted: “Hey, you got low interest rates, the lowest ever.”He made no mention of his regular attacks on the Federal Reserve for keeping interest rates too high.New Hampshire, which Mr Trump narrowly lost in 2016, is a state where the economic argument may not resonate as strongly as in other places.Its unemployment rate had already fallen to 2.8 per cent under Barack Obama and has since ticked down to 2.5 per cent.Mr Trump’s speech was marked by repeated inconsistencies. The same president who last year said trade wars were “easy to win” told his supporters that “I never said China was going to be easy”.The same president who compared America’s intelligence agencies to “Nazi Germany” when he took office complained that Democrats “use the term Nazi” to attack their opponents.At one point, when a protester disrupted the speech and was escorted out of the arena, Mr Trump belittled the man’s physical appearance. “That guy has a serious weight problem,” he said. “Go home, start exercising!”The New York Times

'Oh please God no': Greenland reacts with horror at Trump plan to buy island

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 01:45

 Greenland reacts with horror at Trump plan to buy islandGreenlanders have reacted angrily after reports emerged Donald Trump has repeatedly floated the idea of buying the island from Denmark. The US president has suggested purchasing the vast Arctic territory on numerous occasions with staff after hearing about its natural resources and geopolitical importance, according to the Wall Street Journal. He has even reportedly asked his White House counsel to explore the idea, although it remains unclear how negotiations would be carried out. But residents in Greenland’s capital Nuuk met the proposal with short shrift. “No thanks to Trump buying Greenland!” tweeted Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, a Greenlandic politician representing one of two seats for the island in the Danish parliament. > Nej tak til at Trump skal købe Grønland! Tværtimod bør et bedre og mere ligeværdigt partnerskab med Danmark være vejen frem for et stærkere og på sigt mere frit Grønland> > — Aaja Chemnitz Larsen (@AajaCL) > > August 16, 2019She urged the Danish authorities instead to create a “more equal partnership” with Greenland and to ultimately grant it independence. One local simply responded, “Oh please God no”, at the prospect, while another tweeted, “We are not something you can just buy. Keep away from our country“, adding the hashtag “Jerk”. “If United States of America buy me and my Greenland fellows then what? Are you sure? @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump,“ tweeted one Nuuk expedition company employee.Denmark’s foreign office told The Independent it had no comment “right now". Mr Trump’s interest in the potential acquisition was reportedly piqued during a dinner with associates last spring, where one guest said Denmark was struggling to fund the £420m subsidy its sends the island each year, before suggesting the president should look to buy it.“What do you guys think about that?” Mr Trump, who had shown “varying degrees of seriousness“ at the prospect, asked the room according to The Journal. “Do you think it would work?”Some advisers are said to have supported the plan, believing it could have economic benefits and leave a legacy similar to that of the US’s acquisition of Alaska from Russia in 1867.Others have played down the prospect, believing it to be nothing more than a fleeting interest of the president’s unlikely to come to fruition.The US considers Greenland to be a militarily strategic location – its Thule Air Base on the northwest coast of the island works to detect potential intercontinental ballistic missile threats against North America.Greenland is home to more than 55,000 people and has been Danish-owned since the early 18th century, before becoming a fully-integrated part of the country in 1953.If he were to pursue the idea, Mr Trump would not be the first president to show interest in Greenland.Harry Truman offered $100m to buy the island from Denmark in 1946, an offer that was rejected.

Exclusive: China-owned oil tanker changes name in apparent effort to evade U.S. sanctions

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 01:25

 China-owned oil tanker changes name in apparent effort to evade U.S. sanctionsSINGAPORE/KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - While in the Indian Ocean heading toward the Strait of Malacca, the very large crude carrier (VLCC) Pacific Bravo went dark on June 5, shutting off the transponder that signals its position and direction to other ships, ship-tracking data showed. A VLCC typically transports about 2 million barrels of oil, worth about $120 million at current prices. On July 18, the transponder of the VLCC Latin Venture was activated offshore Port Dickson, Malaysia, in the Strait of Malacca, about 1,500 km (940 miles) from where the Pacific Bravo had last been signaling its position.

Tears and shouting as Australia dilutes Pacific climate warning

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 01:20

Tears and shouting as Australia dilutes Pacific climate warningA Pacific summit has descended into tears, recriminations and shouting between pro-coal Australia and low-lying island nations facing an existential threat from climate change. The annual Pacific Island Forum wrapped up in Tuvalu late Thursday with Australia and the group's 17 other members sharply at odds, potentially undermining Canberra's efforts to curb China's growing influence in the region. "There were serious arguments and even shouting, crying, people, leaders were shedding tears," Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga told Australia's national broadcaster ABC after the summit broke up with a communique with "watered down" language on global warming.

After El Paso shooting, Mexican Americans can no longer be ambivalent minority

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 01:15

After El Paso shooting, Mexican Americans can no longer be ambivalent minorityWe think of ourselves as both an immigrant ethnic group and a racially oppressed minority. After El Paso, that is a luxury we can't afford.

Southwest Airlines adding new flights to Hawaii with $99 fares from Bay Area

Yahoo News - Fri, 08/16/2019 - 00:00

Southwest Airlines adding new flights to Hawaii with $99 fares from Bay AreaDEAL OF THE DAY! Southwest Airlines says you can fly to Hawaii for $99! The deal is only good for one day and you have to fly out of Oakland, San Jose or Sacramento.

17 missing in SW China landslide

Yahoo News - Thu, 08/15/2019 - 23:48

17 missing in SW China landslideMore than a dozen workers remained missing Friday after a landslide in southwest China buried a section of railway that was under repair, according to state media. The 17 missing people were carrying out maintenance work on the track Wednesday when the hill above them gave way, China Daily reported. The landslide in Ganluo county in Sichuan province happened very quickly, a witness told the newspaper.

Hong Kong protesters face crucial weekend test after airport setback

Yahoo News - Thu, 08/15/2019 - 22:32

Hong Kong protesters face crucial weekend test after airport setbackHong Kong's pro-democracy movement faces a major test this weekend as it tries to muster another huge crowd following criticism over a recent violent airport protest and as concerns mount over Beijing's next move. Chinese state media have put out images of military personnel and armoured personnel carriers across the border in Shenzhen, while the United States has warned Beijing against sending in troops, a move many analysts say would be a reputational and economic disaster for China. The nationalistic Global Times newspaper said there would not be a repeat of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, in which hundreds -- or even thousands -- are believed to have been killed, if Beijing moves to quash the protests.

'A heavy lift': Religious black voters weigh Buttigieg's bid

Yahoo News - Thu, 08/15/2019 - 22:24

 Religious black voters weigh Buttigieg's bidJoe Darby, a South Carolina pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, pondered a sensitive question that he knew was on the mind of his congregation. Would black voters be able to reconcile their conservative religious doctrine with voting for a gay candidate for president? "It's a heavy lift in the black church," says Darby, who is also a Charleston-area NAACP leader.


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