WebGuy Internet DSL Services

Due to declining usage and limitations on the technical side with our upstream providers we have decided to stop offering DSL services through WebGuy Internet as of May 1, 2019.

2-Way SMS Messaging is Easy with our Business Email

[SMS Gateway]WebGuy Internet is now providing an SMS gateway service in our Icewarp Business Email Server solution.  An SMS service is a “gateway” between your email and an external SMS/text message provider.  It allows you to send SMS messages from your webmail account to a third-party SMS provider and will also receive replies back from that provider and send them back to your email address.  This prevents you from having to use a personal cell phone to send SMS messages to your customers.  You can send a single message to one user or thousands of messages to an entire list.​

HTTP/2 is Here!

It hasn’t changed much since the very birth of the Internet but the biggest change is now here.  HTTP/2 is a revolutionary new protocol redesign that can speed up web page delivery by up to 30% and offer greatly enhanced security.  WebGuy Internet, Inc. is proud to be one of the first hosting providers in Utah offering HTTP/2 hosting and technical consulting.


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