Intermountain Wind & Solar is the leading solar panel company in the Intermountain West, serving Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon homes and businesses.

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We are extremely grateful to have worked with Intermountain Wind and Solar since 2015. We had the opportunity to develop their IT infrastructure from the bottom up, which included installing servers, establishing networks, and implementing security mechanisms to ensure the safety and security of their systems. In addition, we integrated Active Directory, local shared storage, and configured tools to help provision new employee devices. We also generated extensive network diagrams to help them understand their IT layout, which proved extremely valuable in troubleshooting issues and making network adjustments. 

In 2021, we assisted Intermountain Wind and Solar in relocating their office to a new facility. During the move, we completed a full wiring installation and collaborated closely with their team to ensure minimal downtime during a phased move-in process. We also installed cameras at the new building, as well as a point-to-point wireless system. This allows them to remotely monitor their premises and ensure the safety of their employees and equipment.  

We made sure Intermountain Wind and Solar's systems also included redundancy.  Their file storage is backed up nightly to our sister company For Safety Sake. We have multiple servers setup with high availability to ensure systems remain online even during hardware failure. We also installed a battery backup system with an automatic shutoff capability to safeguard their systems in case of power interruptions. The battery backup system allows them to shut down their servers and other equipment in a controlled manner in the event of an extended power outage. 

Overall, we are happy to have contributed so much to Intermountain Wind and Solar's success and we look forward to continuing work with them. 


CLIENT: Intermountain Wind and Solar

DATE: October, 2021

ONLINE: https://imwindandsolar.com/

  • Full Building Wire for Phones, WiFi and Computers
  • Provide minimal downtime during a phased move-in process
  • Move servers and associated equipment with help from VPN's and Secure Communications
Portfolio Category: IT Customers, Network Design