Dual Mail Systems

In a market that is always changing and needs that are as unique as the people using them, WebGuy Internet, Inc. offers two feature different mail systems for today’s businesses.  Both system offer the latest in anti-virus scanning, anti-spam control and reliability that you need in an email solution.  By leveraging the strengths and differences of each system we can provide an all-around solution that meets the needs of your specific setup.

On-Line Form Software Upgraded

WebGuy Internet has updated their customer On-Line Form server software to Machform 3.2.  This new version allows us to offer a whole host of new features including:

  • Form Themes Customized to your website
  • PayPal Integration for accepting quick on-line payments
  • Multi-Page Form
  • Advanced CSS File Uploads
  • Save and Resume Later Option

WebGuy Internet Creates a New Backup Division

For Safety Sake is a new division created by WebGuy Internet to offer on-line backup services to it's customers and eventually the general public.  This new service has a website located at www.forsafetysake.us a


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