With over 27 years of experience, WebGuy Internet has been broadcasting live for various events. FanX TV originally started as a side project of two WebGuy Internet employees that grew to what it is today. For those that are unable to attend events like FanX, we bring the event to them. Streaming across Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live we have connected celebrities with their fans across the globe and give them an interactive viewing experience they will never forget. Always being flexible, you can count on us to give you the show that’s right for you and your fans.

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

For over 27 years, WebGuy Internet have been broadcasting live audio (and later video) to the world from a small town in Nevada.  What started as a simple audio feed into a computer and broadcast across RealAudio has grown to a full production, 5 camera live switcher. We broadcast the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering across Youtube, Vimeo and their own website.