WebGuy Internet Creates a New Backup Division

For Safety Sake is a new division created by WebGuy Internet to offer on-line backup services to it's customers and eventually the general public.  This new service has a website located at www.forsafetysake.us and offers a full suite of on-line backup software for Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms.  Their Home Backup client sells for $6/month and includes 5Gb of on-line storage to backup documents, emails and photos from your home computer.  The Business Client sells for $10/month and includes 20Gb of storage for advanced business applications such as Active Directory, Databases and Virtual Devices as well as files.  All of WebGuy Internet's servers are fully backed up using the new service.  For more information about how to signup for the service and help with the beta testing you can contact WebGuy Internet at (801) 943-0489.

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